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Leader Prime Minister
System Solar System
Homeworld Earth
Capital Unknown
Allies Scatterhome, De'rem
Enemies Free Fleet

Morphology and Physiology

Humans are a warm-blooded, terrestrial race. They are warm-blooded, bipedal, and highly adaptable. They possess both males and females which exhibit sexual dimorphism related to child rearing. Females give birth to live young after a gestation of approximately nine months. The average human lifespan is approximately 80 years.

Height ranges: 147cm - 211cm

Age ranges: 18-110


Humans, aka Terrans, are the original inhabitants of planet Earth. After the 21st century, technological advances allowed them to leave their homeworld and extend their influence into space. Through creation of ship forges, mankind was able to expand throughout the Solar System.

An Omega Company scout unit

After the arrival of the De'rem with the Free Fleet in pursuit, the alien race helped the Terrans of Earth to somehow "hide" their planet from the encroaching invaders. It is unknown what happened to the Earth and its inhabitants or if they are even still alive.

The last remaining known Terrans were those of the penal colony, Callisto which were captured by the Free Fleet shortly after the Earth's disappearance. The inmates were sold as cattle until another hostile alien race, the Vendal attacked the fleet. The Terrans fought for survival alongside their captors and proved their worth in combat through their sheer survival instincts. The remaining Terran inmates were assimilated into the Free Fleet and eventually formed the Omega Company, considering themselves the last of the Human race.


At some point the Human race formed a global government known as the United Earth Alliance. It was this ruling body that agreed to work with the De'rem and sent a final farewell message to the outlying colonies before the Earth vanished. It is unknown what became of the planet and its inhabitants, but all that remains of Earth's culture is that which survived with the inmates of Callisto. In an effort to preserve some of what they have left, they established the Terran History Project. Due to the fact that the remnant were hardened criminals which became elite soldiers, the Human culture that has survived tends to be a hearty, rough and tumble sort.

Notable Members