Akari Lane

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Akari Lane was a former Human inmate upon the penal colony, Callisto, who eventually became Co-commander of the entire Free Fleet, and married Maddox Khan.

Akari, along with Maddox Khan and Selma Castillo, was instrumental in the insurrection that happened at Callisto and lead his fellow inmates in overthrowing the guards and taking control of the colony before the Free Fleet arrived shortly thereafter, having just destroyed all Human settlement in the Solar System after the Der'em caused Earth to disappear.

While waiting to be sold by the Free Fleet as livestock, the Vendal attacked the ship holding the inmates. Akari and the rest of the Humans broke out of their cells and assisted in the defense of the ship, for their own survival, gaining recognition by the Fleet's Commander, Mezer Juul. They were offered a spot as trainees in the Fleet, and the Humans accepted it.

In the coming years, she and the rest of the Humans were given intense training. Many not only failed the training but lost their lives in the process, but those who endured were now lead by Captain Maddox Khan as the Omega Company, one of the most feared divisions of the Free Fleet. Akari served as his second-in-command, later lover, and then wife, though nobody who knew Akari would have described her as second to anyone.

In 30 A.E. Commander Mezer Juul's flagship was destroyed in battle by the Bushraki during the Bushraki War. Akari and Maddox took over as co-Commanders of the Free Fleet, which was especially notable as Humans were a very small minority in the Fleet.

In 35 A.E., Akari and Maddox defeated the Bushraki and Vendal with the help of the newly-formed Song Dominion thus ending the Bushraki War.

By 50 A.E., Akari and Maddox were aging, and decided to retire to enjoy the rest of their lives. Their 36 year old daughter, Tamiko Lane Khan took over as Commander of the Free Fleet, and eventually betrayed the Song Dominion and Celestine Ascendancy by sparking the First Empire War in an attempt to take an Empire for herself.

In 76 A.E., Akari and Maddox came out of retirement and defected with a substantial portion of the Free Fleet to the Celestine Ascendancy, to offer them assistance in defeating their power-mad daughter Tamiko.

In 81 A.E. Tamiko had her mother - Akari - assassinated by introducing a fatal toxin into the mix of chemicals injected into Akari during a planetside rejuv treatment.