Omega Company

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Omega Company
Leader Maddox Khan
Races Humans
Base of Operations Unknown
Allies Free Fleet
Enemies De'rem, Vendal


Omega Company is an elite division of the Free Fleet composed of former Human inmates that were captured at the penal colony Callisto. Led by Captain Maddox Khan, Omega Company has the benefit of both the advanced resources and grueling training of the Free Fleet and the tenacious and resource human spirit. These qualities combine to make one of the most feared forces in all of the Free Fleet.

Many many being hardened criminals freed and outfitted by the fleet, Omega Company is ruthless and exacting going to any lengths to accomplish their mission. Having survived the perilous training offered by the fleet and believing they are the last remnant of the human race, they donned the title of "Omega", the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Their motto is "Semper Primus" which translated from Latin means "Always First".

Notable Members