Last Broadcast

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The Last Broadcast was the final transmission broadcasted from Earth by the United Earth Alliance before its subsequent disappearance. It was received by the Callisto Penal Colony and incorporated into the Terran History Project for posterity.

<systemid: Callisto Penal Colony INTRAcomm> <recieved 2274/06/21 03:49:22> <source: Office of the Prime Minister of the United Earth Alliance>

To All the Children of Man,

Since we first cast our eyes towards the stars, we have wondered if we are alone. We spread our wings and left our planet to begin to explore our solar system, and saw ever further into the void, and still we wondered: Are we just a beautiful aberration? Are we unique? We built the ship forges and then birthed the colonies to reap the resources on Earth's sister planets. We began to prepare to expand outside of our system. The galaxy seemed ripe for our taking. Two days ago, we got our answer. We are not alone. We can confirm that the incoming invaders are real and that they possess technology that far surpasses our own. We cannot hope to fight them. The De'rem, with whom we first made contact 43 hours ago as they fled this Free Fleet, offer us a way to hide Earth and save both our species from genocidal destruction. It is true that we would be not in this position if the De'rem had not arrived in our system, but they did, and here we are. We do not abandon the rest of you willingly, yet we must do so to save our species. Mankind will live on.

Goodbye my friends, and good luck.