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Omega is the name given for the ancient and powerful Empyreal who created the Elder Races and was the source of Wild Kith.

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However, a summary:

Omega was a member of the most ancient race of beings known in the universe, the Empyreals. It struggled against its kin, destroying many to obtain ascendancy and with it the control of the Wild Kith. Through its seemingly transcendent powers, Omega created many forms of life collectively known as the Elder Races. Many of these beings were able to manipulate the power of the Wild Kith while others were not. It is unclear if Omega imbued certain races with this ability or whether it was a manifestation of their natural aptitudes. Either way, those races that were adept at mastering Wild Kith quickly dominated the universe, establishing what would be known as the Wild Kith Empires, while the others were forced to develop technology to advance their civilizations.

At some point in history, Omega fought off four attackers that may have stealthily struck from the literal blind spots of black holes. Although Omega defeated its foes, it disappeared from history for millions of years afterwards. About fourteen million years ago, another unknown foe struck Omega at what would become known as the Blasted Region. Although Omega was successful in defeating its foe, it was unable to recover and ended, taking with it Wild Kith. This subsequent dissipation of Wild Kith was cataclysmic for the Wild Kith Empires who were wholly dependent on it for power. Within the next twenty years, they died off with the technology dependent races rising to prominence in their place.

Despite its seeming destruction, Omega's power was absorbed by black holes and stars in the nearby region. Unable to contain the vast, immeasurable power, the kith burst forth from them to birth two new forms: star kith and void kith. Likewise, an exotic element known as [iriil] was seeded across the Starmourn Sector. During its decay process, it produces astrium which became the key component to QPCs. Additionally, three supermassive black holes were created in the wake of Omega's destruction: Bala, Telas, and Aisvarya. The black holes are in synchronous orbit around the point in space where Omega ended, known as the Atman.