Quantum Power Cell

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Quantum Power Cells, aka QPCs, are batteries that power most small to midsized technologies from blasters to homes up to but not including the starship level. They are powered by a exotic element known as Astrium that formed from remnants of the Empyreal known as Omega. It is naturally found as low density, destabilized Astrium on many gravitation bodies throughout the Starmourn Sector. After being mined, it is submitted to proton bombardment to turn it into high density, destabilized Astrium which is both unstable and higly potent making it useful for explosive devices. However, in order to create high density, stabilized Astrium, it must be carefully "baked" in gravitational fields to stabilize, at which point it becomes the highly efficient power source which QPCs use to power virtually all civilization in the Starmourn Sector. The Ry'nari are the largest producers of QPCs in the Starmourn Sector.