Wild Kith

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Wild Kith is a form of the mystical energy that preceded today's star and void kith. It was derived from the Empyreal known as Omega who created the Elder Races and imbued many of them with the ability to wield it. Those races who exhibited mastery over the Wild Kith quickly dominated the universe and created the advanced civilizations known as the Wild Kith Empires.

These races used Wild Kith as the power source for all their technology from space travel to life support and were wholly dependent upon it. Their civilizations subsequently collapsed when Wild Kith was destroyed because of Omega's demise in the Worldbreaking. However, the kith was absorbed by nearby black holes and stars in what is now known as the Blasted Region. Unable to contain the vast, immeasurable power, the energy burst forth creating two new forms of kith that, though not nearly as versatile as its wild form, are extremely potent nonetheless: void kith and star kith.