Wild Kith Empires

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Wild Kith Empires
Leader Unknown
Races Unknown Elder Races
Base of Operations Unknown
Allies Omega
Enemies Unknown

The Wild Kith Empires were Elder Race civilizations who dominated the Starmourn Sector during the Wild Kith Era due to their mastery over the Wild Kith.

For whatever reason, some of the Elder Races created by the Empyreal known as Omega possess a greater mastery over the Wild Kith than others. This lead to those gifted races becoming much more powerful and advanced than those races who were dependent upon technology to advance their civilizations. Their abilities were so advanced that some of the races gained the ability to pierce the veil and ascend into what is known as "Willspace", another realm of existence where thought becomes reality.

These empires thrived until fourteen million years ago when the World Breaking occured. Omega was struck down by an unknown enemy and with it, Wild Kith. With the source of their power gone, the Wild Kith Empires collapsed within twenty years, their technology, wholly dependent upon the Wild Kith, rendered completely useless. With their once vast infrastructures gone, the kith dependent races quickly died out allowing for the rise of the more technology dependent races.