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A void kith assassin

Void kith is one of two forms of new kith. Void kith is formed from the power of black holes. Taking on the properties of its source, void kith possess absorptive and compressive powers. It is able to absorb the kinetic energy of an object, thus allowing it to accomplish feats like stopping a projectile or other energy emission. Likewise, it may allow a user to compress space in such a way as to allow them to teleport short distances by creating a wormhole. Also void kith users are able to create Abyss Bombs which manipulate gravitation fields to create miniature black holes.

Those who use void kith tend to exhibit calm rationality and serenity, naturally causing the Shen to have an affinity to void kith. This also may be a factor in why the Utan Mir, who mastered void kith, decided to mentor the Shen.

The voidgates, as the name implies, draw their power from void kith. The Utan Mir engineered the Lha Ti race specially to act as vehicles for void kith in their construction of the voidgates with the Vyar.