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The power of Kith

Kith is a mystical energy derived from the Empyreal known as Omega. Its true source, as well as the origin of the Empyreal beings that first wielded it, are unknown and remains the point of much historical speculation. Nonetheless, through struggle against its own kin, Omega gained ascendancy over the Empyreals and the power they possessed.

A Void Kith Assassin

With this power, it created what became known as the Elder Races, many of which possessed the ability to wield Wild Kith. Wild Kith represented this power in its purest and most potent form, supposedly able to execute all sorts of seemingly metaphysical feats. Through this power source with seemingly limitless applications, those gifted races spread across the universe establishing the what would become known as the Wild Kith Empires, civilizations far surpassing those races who could not wield the Kith and were dependent upon technology.

Fourteen million years ago, unknown enemies struck at Omega and ended it within an area known as the Blasted Region, this cataclysmic event became known as the World Breaking. With Omega's demise, so went the Wild Kith. It dissipated from its master and was absorbed by various stars and black holes within the region, but even these cosmic powers were not able to contain this god-like power. The power once more burst forth from the heavenly bodies taking on unique properties from their sources. Although much more limited and specialized than Wild Kith, two new forms of kith were birthed: Star Kith from the nuclear furnaces of the stars and void kith from the massive singularities of the black holes.

A Star Kith User