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Leader Unknown
System Atheni
Homeworld Rama
Capital Hox
Allies Utan Mir, K'sath, Vyar, Sapphire Cults of the Jeweled Heresy, Sooq, League of Anar, Ta-deth, Quix, Shrikem, Y'saari, Lha Ti
Enemies Ishvana
Rek - reduced.jpg

Morphology and Physiology

The Rek are a large, alien non-humanoid race that can walk upright or on all fours. They are long and lanky, have long necks, and a face that includes a pair of tentacles and a long thin flexible snout. They are naturally adept at using star kith.


The Rek were an Elder Race created long ago by the Empyreal, Omega. However, unlike some of the other races, they were not imbued with the power of Wild Kith and thus were dependent on technology for the advancement of their society. About 14 million years ago when Omega was ended and Wild Kith was dissipated, the Rek along with the other technology dependent Elder Races gained the advantage over the previously dominant Wild Kith Empires and rose to power as the Wild Kith dependent races quickly died out over the next two decades.

Approximately 42,000 years ago, the Ishvana contacted the various races of the Starmourn Sector and demanded they submit and be assimilated into its collective consciousness. The Rek refused and banded together with the other Elder Races to attempt to stem its genocidal onslaught in what would become known as the War of Extinction. The Rek were one of the few Elder Races that survived the war and were not driven from the Starmourn Sector. However, their civilization was vastly devastated and only a small remnant still remain today, located near Starforge.


The Rek are an ancient civilization with advanced technology that allowed them to rise to prominence after the World Breaking and are masters of star kith.