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Leader Unknown
System Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Capital Unknown
Allies Utan Mir, Rek, Vyar, Sapphire Cults of the Jeweled Heresy, Sooq, League of Anar, K'sath, Quix, Ta-deth, Y'saari, Lha Ti
Enemies Ishvana

Morpholoy and Physiology

Little is known about the characteristics of the Shrikem except that they have potent telepathic abilities which may be connected to the power of Wild Kith.


The Shrikem were an Elder Race created long ago by the Empyreal, Omega. However, unlike some of the other races, they were not imbued with the power of Wild Kith and thus were dependent on technology for the advancement of their society. About 14 million years ago when Omega was ended and Wild Kith was dissipated, the Shrikem along with the other technology dependent Elder Races gained the advantage over the previously dominant Wild Kith Empires and rose to power as the kith dependent races quickly died out over the next two decades. Nonetheless, it is speculated that the Shrikem's unique characteristics may have allowed them to somehow channel this power.

Approximately 42,000 years ago, the Ishvana contacted the various races of the Starmourn Sector and demanded they submit and be assimilated into its collective consciousness. The Shrikem refused and banded together with the other Elder Races to attempt to stem its genocidal onslaught in what would become known as the War of Extinction. The Shrikem were pivotal in beating back the Ishvana using their combined telepathic powers to fracture its sub-quantum mind, causing it to go insane, and turn on itself. Had the Shrikem not done so, all the races within the Starmourn Sector surely would have been destroyed. Unfortunately, many of them were. The Shrikem were one of the few Elder Races to survive into the Younger Era. However, with their peculiar technology and abilities, they have remained an enigmatic race, rarely making contact with the Younger Races.


Nothing is known about the culture of the highly enigmatic Shrikem. They possess technology that is alien to any of the Younger Races of the Starmourn Sector and rarely communicate with them. It is unknown where their homeworld is or even within which system it is located.