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Leader Sothyr Lat
System Benu
Homeworld Benu Wen
Capital Vertenalith
Allies Celestine Ascendancy
Enemies Ry'nari, Ishvana

Morphology and Physiology

A female W'hoorn

The W’hoorn are a sapient, bipedal, winged race covered in fur with manes of long hair surrounding their heads. Their wings are covered in long plumes, allowing them to glide short distances. They possess three fingers and one thumb on each hand with sharpened claws made for grasping. Their legs are digitigrade, ending in sharp claws as well. W'hoorn have a distinctly lion-like facial structure and muscular physique. They typically do not mate for life; the females give birth in litters of 3 to 6 offspring at a time and experience live birth. A typical W’hoorn lifespan is around 150 years. W’hoorn have a racial tendency toward claustrophobia, leading to touchy, ill-temperedness when subjected to enclosed spaces for an extended period.

Height ranges: 155cm - 218cm

Age ranges: 20-150


Like many races in the common era, they have become enemies with the Ishvana during the Second War of the Ishvana. The W'hoorn are the ancient enemies of the Ry'nari and have been in countless conflicts with them for more than a millennium. The W'hoorn always held the upper hand until Harec Gankeot was able to unite the hordes as the first mogul.


W’hoorn culture revolves around aggression, and as such, W’hoorn have an aptitude for combat as well as a love for competitive contact sports. Progression in societal structure is allowed through a right to challenge. W’hoorn within a certain level of societal prestige may challenge one another in unarmed combat to the death. The repercussions of the challenging W’hoorn losing include bringing shame to the challenging W’hoorn’s name and shame upon his or her family. Their mating rituals consist of aggressively outmaneuvering one’s mate and forcing them into submission. This stance can change between rituals, and submission carries no lasting stigma.


Their government is run by military rule. The head of the military, called the Navarach, is the de facto head of the W’hoorn government

Notable Members