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Vertenalith, capital city of Benu Wen, is a tall city, one of vast scale and intimidating height. The W'hoorn like it this way, being very comfortable with high places and grand gestures. The architectural style of the skyscrapers of Vertenalith is similar to Art Deco, with a lot of paristeel and blocky syncrete shaped in a decorative manner. Stylized wings and the faces of animals are also common in their art. Many of the skyscrapers are topped with hanging gardens, the W'hoorn being fond of elaborate plant art that takes advantage of the planet's lower gravity. Though Vertenalith is large, home to dozens of tall skyscrapers, there are three buildings in particular that define the skyline.

The Dealate Building

This is the tallest building in Vertenalith - and indeed, it is the tallest building on Benu Wen, and it is completely dedicated to commerce. There is a wealth of shopping to be had here, and the gardens are particularly ostentatious.

Sweptwing Towers

A residential structure, this tall complex is vast, with space for thousands of W'hoorn. Only the most well connected citizens live here, especially at the upper levels. It has the requisite gardens, hundreds of luxury apartments, and a small cafe on the ground floor.

The Navarach's Claw

A government building, this is the home of the Navarach. It is said that every W'hoorn will eventually pass through this place, given the military nature of the government and the enlistment requirement for every citizen. It is here that the nuts and bolts of running a planet take place, and it is also here that coups generally tend to happen. The building is reinforced as a result - even the lowliest offices on the lower level have reinforced and bulletproof doors. Atop the Navarach's Claw is a garden and cantina known as The Pinion. It is a very popular gathering spot for W'hoorn.

Also in Vertenalith are the industrial complexes for Tacyx PDT and Microsun Defense.

Vertenalith Outskirts

The outskirts of Vertenalith are more militarized than the city proper. There is a fortified, no-nonsense style of architecture to the buildings that is a bit different than the grand, sweeping silver skyscrapers of the main city. A large military and air force base sprawls through this portion of the outskirts, along with a military recruitment station. Also of note is the Vertenalith Spaceport and Air Force Base. Civilian transportation from off world is routed through this spaceport, as the military handles the extensive customs process.

The Siva River

Located close to Vertenalith, this untamed area is a nature preserve located in the foothills of the Whitewing mountains. Hidden within the forest of tall, yellow-leaved trees is a small but deep canyon carved by the Siva River. The views are wonderful here, though there is always danger from the local wildlife, which, like the W'hoorn themselves, tends to be on the fierce, hungry, aggressive side.