Second War of the Ishvana

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The Second War of the Ishvana began in 210 A.E. Unlike the First War of the Ishvana and the Bushraki War the Ishvana was no longer seeking the technology the Der'em used to cause Earth to Transcend. This time it was seeking to kidnap as many powerful kith using individuals as possible, which Starmourn would later discover the Ishvana had used to create the Vihana.

Unlike those two wars, however, this time the Ishvana had recruited new allies, and unfortunately for the Ishvana, it dramatically underestimated the Bushraki reaction to this. On the new Bushraki fleet arriving at the first battle against the Celestines and the Song, the Bushraki found the Ishvana's forces consisting of the Vendal, as expected, but also its new ally, the mighty Sa'hak-ren, and their client races, the Xariel and Inorni.

The Bushraki were furious, and contemplated simply attacking the Ishvana's other forces on the spot, for they hate nobody like their former cruel masters, the Sa'hak-ren. Instead, they bided their time, battling the Ishvana's enemies during those initial battles, waiting for the right time to turn against the Ishvana and begin slaughtering Sa'hak-ren.

That time came when the Jin, fleeing their mad Godking and his alliance with the Ishvana, entered Starmourn, and this war, like a hammer striking a forge. The Ishvana forces were heavily damaged, and the Bushraki took this moment to betray the Ishvana, secretly negotiating with the Celestines and Song for amnesty in return.

The Jin and the Bushraki additions began to turn the tide of the war. Further, in a surprise, fleets from both the Zinari Imperium and the Ibyssian Brotherhood arrived. Together, they were able to push back the Ishvana, though as was later discovered, the Ishvana had succeeded in its plan to kidnap thousands of kith users.

Unfortunately for the Bushraki, the cost of their betrayal was very high indeed. The Ishvana asked the Sa'hak-ren to exact revenge for it, and the Hierarchy was happy to oblige, disgusted by the race they had effectively created. They devastated the Bushraki homeworld, leaving it a ruined mess, as the Bushraki had done to the planet Song, and the only survivors were the deployed military forces on the fleet given to the Bushraki by the Ishvana.