Ibyssian Brotherhood

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Ibyssian Brotherhood
Leader Unknown
Races Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Allies Ixodon,Lha Ti,Corran
Enemies Unknown


The Brotherhood is an ancient alliance of three amphibious races - the humanoid Corran, the squid-like Ixodon, and the huge Lha Ti. Their territory - which is quite large - is on the border of Starmourn sector, to the galactic east/spinwards.

The Brotherhood is a very rigid society, in which young beings are tested and slotted into societal roles as soon as they're able to be tested. Perhaps one of the most notable things about their culture is that while they reluctantly tolerate star kith use in others, they are completely intolerant of it interally. Indeed, any youngster who demonstrates star kith ability is summarily killed, though it's rumored that there one or two small communities of star kith-using Brotherhood races hidden among the void in Starmourn.


In 210 A.E. the Brotherhood joined in the resistance against the Ishvana in the Second War of the Ishvana.

In 369 A.E. they were attacked by the Trinarchs who raided Otra IV, the homeworld of the Corran, to steal some kith artifacts.

In 574 A.E. they allied with the Rek, the Serene Empire of the Ait Benir, the Zinari Imperium, and the Iron Corsairs to stop the Third Cleax Invasion.