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System Tethan
Capital Biloxan
Races Elgan

Krell is the homeworld of the Elgan. It is located within the Tethan System, and its capital city is Biloxan. It is known for a notoriously rainy climate, which is the reason the Elgan enjoy many indoor activities such as gambling and dancing within their Toh.

Due to its climate, the planet is comprised primarily of jungles and swamps. Of these, the closest in proximity to the capital of Biloxan are the Kashitir Jungle and the Locorin Swamp.

The ecology of the planet boasts a variety of native species. Grethen silkmoths can be found throughout the planet, while the jungles are host to such creatures as nightstalkers and malaca. Common fauna of the swamps include coroxodon, eskama, and shellbacks.