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System Tethan
Capital Biloxan
Races Elgan

Krell is the homeworld of the Elgan. It is located within the Tethan System, and its capital city is Biloxan. It has a comfortable gravity for humanoids, just under 1 Earth G, and is known for a notoriously rainy climate, which is the reason the Elgan enjoy many indoor activities such as gambling and dancing within their Toh. As such, Elgan homes are often built with a view of flooding in mind, and tend to be tall. Their chairs and tables are also tall, despite the race's short height, and often come accompanied by little stepstools. Elgan residences and workplaces are invariably large, communal, and crowded buildings, which have a circular shape.

Due to this temperate climate, the planet is comprised primarily of jungles and swamps. Of these, the closest in proximity to the capital of Biloxan are the Kashitir Jungle and the Locorin Swamp.

While not a big planet, Krell has one huge land mass, the continent of Yura, and Biloxan is situated in the central eastern region. The city was founded where the Kashitir Jungle and the Locorin swamp meet, allowing access to all natural resources available on Krell.

Most individuals on Krell are generally well off, as there is a culture of generosity among the Elgan, and the wealthy tend to be generous and helpful to those less fortunate than themselves. Biloxan has one of the lowest poverty rates in the galaxy, but it is not altogether free from vice - the Elgan Underground, a criminal enterprise originally founded to counter, weaken, and hopefully destroy the Nabian monopoly on drugs, maintains a significant chapter in that urban jungle.

The ecology of the planet boasts a variety of native species. Grethen silkmoths can be found throughout the planet, while the jungles are host to such creatures as nightstalkers and malaca. Common fauna of the swamps include coroxodon, eskama, and shellbacks.