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Leader Unknown
System Gallen
Homeworld Gallen III
Capital Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Nath-el, Elgan

Morphology and Physiology

Nabia - reduced.jpg

The Nabia are an odd three-armed race that is otherwise quasi-humanoid. They walk on two feet, but have two very long arms that can reach the ground, and a third arm coming off their back. Their eyes sit on short stalks coming off their head.


Nothing is currently known about the history of Nabia.


The Nabia are known for peddling drugs and slaves across the Starmourn Sector, an enterprise which has earned them the ire of many races. They are known to prey upon Nath-el youth who are especially susceptible to substance addiction. Likewise, the Elgan formed the Elgan Underground, a rival "criminal" organization to try to indirectly cripple the Nabia's operations.