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Leader Queen
System Faleon
Homeworld Jerzah
Capital Narisiriz
Allies Celestine Ascendancy
Enemies Sa'hak-ren, Nabia, Fatar

Morphology and Physiology

A female Nath-el wielding a vibroblade

The Nath-el are a humanoid species bearing distinct insectoid characteristics. Most notably, they possess rigid, armored exoskeletons and insect-like wings that vary from membranous to plate-like elytra. The Nath-el exhibit sexual reproduction where the fertilized female produces an egg sac which she carries within her for a period of two months. After gestation, the mother lays the clutch of small eggs which require incubation, and the offspring inside begin their grueling two week struggle to break free. The hatchlings that survive are still unable to live independently and spend another eighteen months nursing and developing. Mates show fidelity until their brood is matured and often find new mates afterwards. They have a relatively short lifespan compared to many other races, living eighty-five years. They tend to possess a rather intense and frenetic nature and the young are especially susceptible to substance addiction. They are omnivorous, having a particular sweet tooth. They believe themselves to be evolutionary cousins to the Oteel, a race enslaved by the Fatar.

Height ranges: 142cm - 211cm

Age ranges: 22-85


The Nath-el achieved spaceflight approximately 32,000 years ago. About 1,400 years ago their culture was on the rise, but their budding empire was quashed by Sa'hak-ren.


The Nath-el culture bears some resemblance to the social insects of Earth, being ruled by a Queen who leads with absolute power which is unquestioned due to the near hive mentality that pervades the Nath-el. This strong, unspoken bond between the race is known as the Nath-et, which translates to "All of Us" in Galactic Standard. This unifying spirit represents the achievements of the race as a whole over that of the individual and the inevitable culmination of their race's evolution.

Communal Hives looming over a city

Once brooded, young Nath-el become the responsibility of the community, and those who are sick or infirm are often ignored due to their inability to contribute to the whole any longer. Unfortunately, this unity is often disrupted by their youth's affinity for substance abuse and addiction, fermented vuu honey in particular. The Nath-el bear a disdain for the Nabia who often prey upon this foible. Highly practical, they are known for developing huge communal pods known as Hives, which often rise above the cities in which they are located. They do have a form of entertainment known as pattern plays, a form of performance art consisting of a slow dancing between static poses and rhythmic thrumming of their wings. Their hive-like tendencies have made them the foremost developers of AI technologies like guidance systems for self-correcting missiles and coordinating nanoswarms.

Notable Members