Fermented vuu honey

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Fermented vuu honey is an alcoholic form of honey produced by the larvae of the vuu insect. It is processed primarily on the planet Kovalar.

Enjoyed by the Shen, the drink is known to break their stoic veneer and bring out their more raucous and emotional side. On a darker note, it is also especially irresistible to Nath-el youth who possess both an affinity for sweets and for addictive substances.

On vuu honey: most of the fermented vuu honey comes from high tech factories in Kovalar where the entire product is controlled from beginning to end. They do periodically supplement their vuu populations with wild larvae for hardiness and genetic diversity, so the preservation of wild colonies is important to them. Wild vuu larvae are found underground, beneath the Fields of Oranc. The mature form of the vuu is a winged wasp-like adult, which accesses the colonies via mud tubes that jut up from the ground, kind of like anthills.