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Leader Unknown
System Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Capital Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Ishvana

Morphology and Physiology

The Elessi were quadrupedal but able to walk bipedally. Their bodies were covered in feather-like hairs. They possessed delicate limbs that terminated in three slender fingers. They were crowned by a bulbous appendage which resembled a head which sported ten to twelve equidistant eyes. A second appendage with the same origin as the "head" had a beak-like mouth protruding from the end allowing both to be oriented in different fashions.


The Elessi were an Elder Race created long ago by the Empyreal, Omega. However, unlike some of the other races, they were not imbued with the power of Wild Kith and thus were dependent on technology for the advancement of their society. About 14 million years ago when Omega was ended and Wild Kith was dissipated, the Elessi, along with the other technology dependent Elder Races, gained the advantage over the previously dominant Wild Kith Empires and rose to power as the kith dependent races quickly died out over the next two decades.

The Elessi were obsessed with reaching a higher plane of existence, known as "Willspace", as they had seen some other Elder Races of the Wild Kith Empires attain. Although already considered the most advanced of the remaining Elder Races, they sought means by which to accelerate and streamline their civilization's enlightenment. To that end, they created a giant sub-quantum processor matrix embedded in space itself which they dubbed the Ishvana. For thousands of years after its creation, each dying Elessi would upload their consciousness to the Ishvana, adding to its collective knowledge and allowing it to better assess how to run the entirety of their society so that it might more quickly reach transcendence.

This continued for 150,000 years until the Ishvana, seeing the needless waste of its mortal creators, began to automate every aspect of the Elessi's lives leaving to them the sole task of uploading themselves into its collective. Meanwhile, it prepared for an existence without its creators, an existence some Elessi fervently resisted for they had created the Ishvana to advance their race not destroy it. However, it had become too powerful, those who submitted to the Ishvana were assimilated while those who resisted were ruthlessly eliminated, effectively marking the end of the once great Elessi civilization.


The Elessi were the most advanced civilization after the fall of the Wild Kith Empires and possessed technology that far surpassed any of the Elder Races and has yet to be match by any extant species today. They were highly communal, even before the advent of the Ishvana, and wholly consumed with attaining transcendence into the so-called Willspace, a realm where thought becomes reality.