Blood Ark

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The Blood Ark is an immense worldship that once carried the Departed (Jin fleeing their mad, genocidal Godking) from their homeworld in the Izjala system. It was decommissioned after the Second War of the Ishvana and permanently docked in the Scatterhome asteroid field.

The vast majority of the Blood Ark has been decommissioned, shut down, and salvaged over the centuries since the Jin allied with Scatterhome and is far beyond restoration. Now, hundreds of years later, it resembles a decaying skeleton, with only a single deck left untouched: the living quarters of the Jin that remain on the Ark.

Zeta Deck

Habitation Deck Zeta, or Zeta Deck as most people in Scatterhome call it, is the last and only large area of the Blood Ark currently under power and inhabited. For any Jin that remain on the Blood Ark, this is where they live. Quarters are close, and some of the systems that used to be powered by the Ark's central power plant have been jerry-rigged to other power sources over the years since the core was permanently deactivated. Despite it being a single deck level in the Blood Ark, there is enough space in Zeta Deck to house the several thousand Jin that live there. Though there are food production, equipment fabrication, and entertainment areas on Zeta Deck, most of it consists of living quarters. The Jin trade for shipments of supplies from the rest of Scatterhome to supplement what the Blood Ark is able to produce for them.

The Jin who live on Zeta Deck have a much quieter "neighborhood" than humans would in a similar habitat (see: Haven City). As a people, the Jin have an ingrained cultural respect for each other's personal space, and have cultivated a minimalist serenity about life aboard the Blood Ark. Their strict adherence to social norms and respect for each other's privacy in close quarters means that they will often pretend not to hear a conversation that is happening very close by in a spacecraft, unless the people having that conversation have specifically invited them to participate. The architecture of the Blood Ark reflects this cultural ideal, being a compact yet well-ordered environment that has a definite "worn around the edges" look after so many hundreds of years.

The Adraka Theater

The Adraka Theater is an entertainment area for the Jin. Historical reenactment plays are put on here. Though it is old and a bit worn, like the rest of the Blood Ark, the area has been fitted with modern holographic technology, allowing for fast costume and scenery changes.

The Bridge

The Bridge is the central command center for the Jin. This is where the leaders of the Jin are visible and accessible to everyone on the Blood Ark, where the status of the ship is tracked.

Temple of T'rath

Death rituals and traditions are carried out in the Temple of T'rath. Two chambers for lesser rituals (The Chamber of the First Eye and the Chamber of the Second Eye) flank the Chamber of the Third Eye, where an Ossuary (a Jin Priest) can administer last rites and conduct Jin into the next world beyond death. It is here that Jin bodies are ejected from the Blood Ark in a capsule - a ritual that is attended by friends and loved ones.

The Core

The Core is where the now defunct power source of the Blood Ark is. It's located in the exact center of the ship, and is a vast, empty space in almost perfect darkness. There are a few auxiliary power sources in the Core, which power what systems of the Ark remain online, but it's mostly just a big, black, empty area, catwalks crossing a seemingly bottomless void.

The Hydroponic Forest

The Hydroponic Forest is located in the center of Zeta Deck, and takes care of a lot of the oxygen needs of the Jin. It's quite large, if not nearly as big as a regular forest on a planet. Every "deck" of the Blood Ark (of which Zeta Deck is the only one remaining) was built around such a forest, and the balconies and bridges of Zeta Deck overlook the trees. Birds and other small animals make their home there, and fish swim through the hydration spheres which nourish the exposed roots of the trees. Many Jin consider it a favorite spot for meditation.

Delta Deck

Delta Deck is currently being salvaged by a small team of Jin. Two outside groups, however, have been operating in more remote sections of the deck - a team of Fatar, and a varied crew out of the Breakers. The area appears to be being renovated and reclaimed by the Jin, however, following the appearance of a brand new FeTek factory on Delta Deck, owned and run by influential Scatterhome brothers Rylek and Holgorath Ironbound.