Haven City

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Haven City is the most populous of the Reynolds group of asteroids and widely considered to be the capital of Scatterhome. Named for the flagship of Maddox Khan, The Haven, Haven City is the first asteroid he landed upon when founding Scatterhome. Over centuries of effort and hard work, the asteroid is now nearly entirely covered by a crowded city, making the once small asteroid a massive settlement that is part space station, part rock.

The city takes its motto from the famous words Maddox Khan said upon landing, "We're not taking off again." In commemoration, these words are engraved on a plaque in the center of the asteroid.

Haven City is served by Reynolds Spaceport with transports regularly departing and arriving.

Haven City is also home to Gravity, one of the roughest dive bars and gambling halls in the city.

The music shop {-Syncopate-} can also be found in Haven City as well, welcoming any and all budding musicians.