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Gravity, as it is known to all Haven City residents, is one of the loudest, roughest dive bars and gambling halls in the city. Principal watering hole for one of Haven City's many lower class residential districts, it is carved directly out of the asteroid; the pitted, metallic walls riddled with exposed piping, wires, and spray-on insulfoam. To the back of the main room, a massive, scavenged bulkhead, still printed with the faded stamp of a deck number, serves as a long bar, while this main space also hosts the stage, which has hosted many of Scatterhome's most famous musical acts including Space Rogues, Elen and the Elgans and On Maddox Lane. The venue also has several gambling rooms with poker, roulette, slot machines and a plushie claw machine, as well as a dance floor and two private soundproofed rooms available for public use.