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The origin of Telas Balls are under constant speculation, but most historians agree that they were probably created as a tool for teaching Elessi young the core fundamentals for learning how to develop and manipulate technology. Many current day parents ban their children from using these toys by telling them stories about the telas balls possible link to the Ishvana. No such connection was ever found, however more conservative individuals will still err on the side of caution.

A much more relevant controversy in relation to telas balls and their more recent commercialized return to the sectors markets are their nickname: Fatar Eggs. Some activists have expressed concern that such a nickname would teach the youth that eggs, depending on the race, are okay to use as toys. Which naturally led to many pundits chiming in on whether Fatar deserve any respect.

The nickname stemmed from the fact that the devices can be slotted to theme modules which replicate and change to mimic personalities, locations, and appearance making them a shape-shifting toy to match the mood of the buyer.

Either way, the telas balls are entering the market again for those who aren't bothered by the controversy and simply want to stare into the void for answers to the mundane questions that plague their lives.