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A Starship is a broad term describing any vehicle capable of interstellar travel whether they employ skipdrives, conventional linear drives, or both.


  • Carrier Class- Large scale ships designed to carry smaller fighters and shuttles.
  • Haulers - Large ships designed for moving large quantities of commodities through space.
    • Superhauler(P) - A huge and lumbering ship that can haul multiple asteroids and transport vast quantities of goods, as well as generally having very spacious crew quarters.
    • Freighter(P) - A large ship that can haul several asteroids at once and transport goods, as well as generally having spacious crew quarters.
  • Warship Class - Ships designed for space combat.
    • Flagship - Command ship of a fleet.
    • Dreadnought - Heavily armed and armoured Quix warship.
    • Kali Warship - Huge automated warship employed by the Ishvana.
    • Battleship(P) - Heavily armed and armoured warship.
    • Phoenix Cruisers - Mighty warships that made up the core of the Ait Benir's fleets.
    • Cruiser(P) - Strong, relatively fast, but with less power and shielding than a battleship.
  • Fighter Class - Small, agile ships designed for dog fighting.
    • Destroyer(P) - The largest and strongest of the 'fighter' ships, and could also potentially be classed as a small 'warship'. Slower to turn than smaller vessels, but it makes up for that greatly in every other aspect.
    • Corvette(P) - A small and versatile ship, but slightly larger than an interceptor and far better in terms of combat capacity, cargo and crew space.
    • Ta-deth Fighter - Quick, nimble fighter employed by the Ta-deth.
    • Interceptor(P) - Quick, nimble fighter. Very versatile for use in all aspects of spaceflight, though not very sturdy.
    • Swarmship - Sapphire Cult fighters designed to attack en masse.
  • Emissary Class - Shuttle designed to transport diplomatic representatives.

(P) = *Playable ship types*

Notable Starships