Gunurash III

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Gunurash III
System Gunurash
Capital Agog
Races Krona

Gunurash III is the Krona homeworld, located in the Gunurash system. Gunurash III is a hot, rocky, and harsh desert world in orbit around a red giant. Metal-rich stone and other minerals are plentiful, fresh water is scarce but not uncommon, wood is practically nonexistent. Roaming the unsettled and wild areas of the planet are ferocious insects of large size which can make traveling a danger. Over the years, the Krona population has bred these insects to be more docile, and now boast large herds of insectoid livestock, which they raise for food. A dense, hot world, the gravity is about 1.2x that of Earth.

The Krona people are long lived (500+ years), and their culture is very much focused on the past - they adore hearing stories about (and greatly respect) famous members of their race. Most Krona will be concerned with how they will be perceived and remembered when they're gone. They are big on boisterous entertainment like fighting games and other feats of strength. They consider cooking to be an art form - many of their restaurants offer open views into the kitchens, so the diners can watch the chefs. Most Krona settlements will have a library of some kind as the race is obsessed with record keeping.

The capital city of Agog is immense, sprawling, and ancient, located in the Golpur region, a large, rocky plain abutting the salty inland Gatza Sea. Stone is used to construct most of the buildings in the city (and in other Krona settlements too), but whole area is heavily augmented with all sorts of advanced tech like powered doors, windows with energy panes instead of glass, holo-consoles set into stone banks, datashards stored next to ancient stone tablets in the library - so there is a very 'old tradition meets new technology' feeling. The ruling government (three "Elders") work out of a great big stone pyramid in the center of the city.