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When the Free Fleet took the human prisoners from the prison colony on Callisto, a very limited set of media was in the possession of prisoners, and they managed to bring a small storage device with their favorite movies and some other material on it. These constitute the only media of any sort from Earth that exists in Starmourn, and happen to all have been in English. As you can see, the convicts were big fans of old sci-fi and action movies, and, apparently, period romances on ships.

It's important to note that while these movies may be cultural touchstones for some Humans, nobody actually speaks fluent English, and they're of little to no interest to non-Human races aside from perhaps some anthropologists.

Even the most ardent viewers of these movies don't have enough material to really learn to speak 20th century English (very different from English in 2274 when the Free Fleet took the prisoners), so at best some Humans can speak some broken 20th century English. There exist some reference materials for English from 2274, such as the holocording of Kemran James as part of the short-lived Terran History Project, but English is largely a dead language barring the fandom of these movies.


  • Demolition Man
  • Top Gun
  • Titanic
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Terminator 2
  • Alien

In all of these cases, there exists considerable debate among modern Humans in Starmourn as to whether they are works of fiction or dramatizations of actual historical events.


  • A selection of various stills and animated porn shots involving a combination of Humans doing the expected (and sometimes unexpected).
  • Two pictures of some kind of small black-furred four-legged cute animal that looks to weigh maybe 6 kg sitting on an unknown human's lap.


None, but nobody in Starmourn can read any Earth languages anyway, so it makes no difference.


Nothing but what's in the movies above.