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System Norpisa
Capital Atilan
Races Amaians, Evux(extinct)

Delphi is the homeworld of the Amaians and the former homeworld of the Evux before they were exterminated by the former. It resides within the Norpisa System and its capital city is Atilan. It has both terrestrial environments, such as the Anemoi Desert, as well as vast oceans, including the Keter Ocean that surrounds Atilan. Despite the majority of the planet being covered in water, most of its continental mass are deserts, thanks to mismanagement of natural resources by the sentient population.

Historically the site of conflict between the Amaians and the Evux, as well as the various Amaian dynasties that battled for supremacy in the wake of their extermination. Today, the homeworld is a major site of industry, producing some of the Song Dominion's finest technology. Amaian carelessness for the dry, arid continental land is counterbalanced by their boundless love for their oceans. The underwater cities are beautiful and high tech, but not every Amaian can afford/has the social standing to live beneath the waves. Some are forced to endure life on land.

Stratification by social standing is intense, with working-class Amaians largely relegated to the continents and away from the oceans; this is most notably true of the the spaceport of Koryphi, where industry, poverty, and dry, arid terrain combine to create a hellish landscape for the native workers. The ocean is only a couple hours' distance away, however, and another couple of hours' travel through the sea is enough to reach the capital, Atilan. The beautiful, underwater capital is as different from the outlying Spaceport as night is from day.

Koryphi is set within the hot Anemoi desert, upon the main Amaian continent. A few landing strips dot the desert, connecting to a central terminal, which in turn permits access to the spaceport itself, from which branch a bar, the workers' slums, markets of varying degrees of legality, and sellers of food. Food in general is expensive, either because it has to be transported inland to accommodate outsiders, or because there's not much supply for land-based food. Most notable are the refineries, which work with raw ore and produce metal for various Amaian industries. The hours are long, the work hard and thankless, and the fumes make the entire Spaceport stink. There's also transport to Atilan and back, in the form of a hoverbus, PTP and a submersible ferry.