Uycheon III

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System Uycheon
Capital None
Races Tukkav

Uycheon III is the homeworld of the Tukkav people, located within the Uycheon System. It is a large planet with a cold, wintry climate - summers at the equator are temperate at best, while the poles are downright uninhabitable. The geography of the planet is flat and expansive. The few mountains there are are eroded and worn down, indicating relatively stable geology and few earthquakes or volcanos. Mostly, the planet is covered in vast landmasses of snowy forests and icy plains, with a few small, cold oceans separating its continents. The gravity of Uycheon III is slightly higher than that of Earth. Its native race wiped out much of the native wildlife, leaving little diversity at one point besides the overpopulated Tukkav. This fact was the catalyst of the Home War which, 2500 years ago, saw all Tukkav off-worlders excluded from returning home to the planet.

The Tukkav people have a nomadic history, and still have a tribal culture that persists today. Uycheon III is still burdened with overpopulation problems, however, leading to the establishment of permanent settlements for many of the tribes. The race doesn't have a capital city for their planet or a central government - instead, every ten years, tribal leaders send representatives to a gathering of Tukkav called the Ouran.

Tukkav architecture is thick-walled and low to the ground, built to withstand the cold and snowy winters of Uycheon - the shape of the buildings are actually vaguely reminiscent of the domed, fur-lined tents that historic Tukkav tribespeople used. Many of their factories and shipyards (which are owned and operated by private conglomerations) are coastal and located near the equator, both for the increased solar and hydro power output, and for the significant gravity assist of the planet's spin. A particularly large shipyard owned by the Thill Conglomerate is a center of commerce for the Tukkav, and a significant settlement has sprung up around it.

Things are beginning to change, however. The Tosmar Hunting Preserve has introduced breeding programs for rare wildlife, and landscape conservation to vast swathes of the tundra, meaning that less inhabited areas of the planet are seeing more use and there is a burgeoning economy developing around hunting tourism in the area. The Galactic Citizens' Ecological Preservation Society (GCEPS) have opened the Tosmar Wildlife Reserve in the small mountainous area to the north of the hunting grounds, as a sanctuary for rescued akbazi, with a volunteering program for returning exiles and the area is also home to the sector-celebrated Winterflame festival, where the Tukkav people welcome all races and cultures to share their festivities.