The Diamond Belt

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The Diamond Belt is located in the Fontain System, and is a wide asteroid belt that orbits around the system's dense (yet bright) white dwarf.

The belt is populated by continent-sized ice chunks and immense, irregularly shaped carbon crystals that are functionally identical to diamond. This glittering circumstellar disc is spread in a wide orbit around its white dwarf, offering some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery in the galaxy. Though it has very few natural resources to export (besides ice and diamonds), the system is located conveniently close to a voidgate, and is a popular tourist attraction.

Real estate on some of the larger asteroids is hotly contested by the hospitality industries of several wealthy races. The high-priced luxury homes, hotels, space stations, and casinos of the Diamond Belt are legendary throughout the sector as the most ostentatious destinations a wealthy pleasure seeker, socialite, or financier could dream of.