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Leader Selassian Matriarch
System Unknown
Homeworld Kellos
Capital Unknown
Allies Selassians
Enemies Unknown

Morphology and Physiology

The Loroi are a four armed, four eyed race. They have two fingers and one thumb on each of their four arms, allowing them to grasp objects. Their legs are digitigrade; on their feet are two long digits that curl towards one another to form a crescent shape.


Approximately 9,000 years ago, the Selassians conquered and enslaved the Loroi and now employ them as shock troops.


Most the Loroi race is subjugated by the Selassians. However, they exercise self-governing on their home planet of Kellos, and there are small groups of independent Loroi within the Starmourn Sector. The Loroi are known to be highly aggressive both in and out of battle. As such, they are used by the Selassians as shock troops, and are highly feared as they prefer to fight to the death rather than retreat.