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A trendy personal electronics manufacturer based on Scatterhome, with offices on Bodean. Think the Apple electronics of Starmourn. LUCENT is also responsible for the fast-logging social media app that is meant to be an alternative to clogging, known as Flogger.

The LUCENT FitBod2000 is considered the best choice in keeping healthy and fit by many consumer reports. With a sleek and trendy look that goes with any outfit it offers practical use as well by monitoring your calorie intake and consumption. It is the perfect tool to sculpt yourself into the perfect you outside of a clinic according to one issue of the 'zine, Urbane.

For those looking for something to fill the soundless void of space, Lucent also offers the LUCENT Soundwavez, to fulfill all of your non-concert going music needs. With artists like the Space Rogues, Transtellica, Daughters of Ur and more, you'll rarely find yourself without a tune that fits your mood.

Use the LUCENT command in game to view pricing and details.


  • Aetherscape
  • Belter Folk
  • Biopunk
  • Classical
  • Dreamfunk
  • Freight Grunge
  • Nanorock
  • Spacewave
  • Starcore
  • Streampop