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Leader Unknown
System Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Capital Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

Xariel are a diminutive, stocky, somewhat bear-like race of humanoids who were subjugated by the Sa'hak-ren in 418 BE. Little is known about the original Xariel or their homeworld, though their compulsory presence alongside the Sa'hak-ren in the Second War of the Ishvana implies they were useful on the offensive side of things. The Xariel on Prugita are extremely passive and submissive, by genetic design. They have a very dense body mass, to the point that even the best swimmers are very poor at it, a trait which may also have been added by the Sa'hak-ren. The Nabia have exploited it by containing them on islands surrounded by water (populated with aggressive beasts for good measure).

Additionally, at a young age the Xariel are introduced to the drug Vitalis, which is useful for making them work harder, plus it cultivates a substance dependency, a further means of control. Otherwise they are treated well, like racehorses or similar valuable livestock. They live in villages and maintain familial relationships and do not really recognize that they are slaves; they are somewhat grateful to the Nabians for protecting them.