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Starmourn is the 6th MUD offering from Iron Realms Entertainment. Set in the sci-fi genre, it breaks from the fantasy themes of the previous MUD's developed by the company. Starmourn is currently in development and is expected to enter beta testing sometime in 2017.

The Starmourn Team

  • Matt Mihaly - CEO, Iron Realms Entertainment, Executive Producer & Creative Director
  • Justin Walsh - CTO, Iron Realms Entertainment, Producer
  • Kim Hutson (Damiel) - Lead Producer
  • Michael MacPherson (Neritus) - Lead Producer


On April 29, 2016, Matt Mihaly, Founder and CEO of Iron Realms Entertainment made an announcement in their flagship game, Achaea, that there would be a slew of promotions. One of which was the promotion of Justin Walsh aka Tecton to "Executive Producer" allowing him to devote more time and energy to his role as CTO(Chief Technology Officer) of Ironrealms Entertainment as well as "working on another project within Iron Realms."

On May 3, 2016, this project would soon be revealed to be Starmourn. Iron Realms launched the official website with a logo, concept art, teaser trailer, and a link to sign up for the newsletter and eventually an opportunity to become a beta tester.

A few days later on May 7, 2016, the first newsletter was released giving details about the fate of the human race and the desperate means by which it survived. Subsequent weekly newsletters have been released since then teasing information and lore about the races, technology, and forces within the Starmourn Sector.

In the May 26, 2016 newsletter, Matt announced the release of a new website of his design and stated that Starmourn will be a Space Opera rather than a hard sci-fi game, drawing influence from "Dune to Mass Effect to Star Wars to Asimov's Foundation trilogy, Dan Simmon's Hyperion Cantos, Dune, Firefly, Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga, and much, much more."

On July 11, 2016, Matt Mihaly announced that he had officially hired Starmourn's lead builder, Laura Martz (aka Eukelade).

In the July 14, 2016 newsletter, the first NPC races were revealed and the fate of the Elder Races was revealed. An experiment in cultural evolution gone wrong, the Ishvana exterminated many of the races within the Starmourn Sector and is posed to be a significant threat to players in the future.