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Scryl La-Shirat of the Thousand Knives is one of three Krona Elders based in The Great Pyramid of Agog.

Despite her relatively young age of three hundred and sixty, Scryl is one of the strongest fighters in Agog. She is rumored to have once single-handedly fought her way past a dozen Vendals who were trying to prevent her from leaving Zurub Prime.

With her wildly streaked hair tinted a hundred different prismatic shades pouring down from her scalp, La-Shirat's middle-aged features are hardened and fierce. Her attire is generally ceremonial leather and chitin armor in the traditional Krona style, with medals and awards draping down her chest in a glittering cascade. Usually sheathed on her belt (apart from when it's in use) is a large knife, its twisted silver hilt embedded with a glittering red stone.