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Leader Omega
System None
Homeworld None
Capital None
Allies None
Enemies None

Morphology and Physiology

The Empyreals are, or were, the most powerful beings known to us, and were the source of Wild Kith and kith both. They are effectively immortal, although they can be "ended".


The Empyreals are thought to be the most ancient race to have existed in our universe. One in particular, whom we know as Omega created the Elder Races. Their origin is unknown and the subject of much speculation. Some believe they were survivors of the previous universe and carried its power, others think they were simply the first race to arise after the creation of our universe, still others think that they may be a highly-advanced race from the future. Regardless of their origins, after much fighting amongst themselves, one Empyreal known as Omega rose to ascendance and became the source and master of Wild Kith. For millions of years, Omega fought off other Empyreals and other unknown foes in defense of its power, but was finally struck down fourteen million years ago in the world breaking. With its demise, so went the Wild Kith which was absorbed by nearby black holes and stars. However they could not contain the vast, immeasurable power and it burst forth as two new and unique forms: void kith and star kith. No contact with the Empyreals has been made in modern times and all knowledge of them is passed down from the surviving Elder Races, though the Ishvana believes that the realm to which Earth was moved to contains an Empyreal.


Little is known about the Empyreal's culture except they seemed to be in constant conflict, vying over power with one another.