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Leader Unknown
System Inkke
Homeworld Praviskar
Capital Dhewa
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Oescan - final - reduced.jpg

Morphology and Physiology

Oescans are thin humanoids with oblong heads, and translucent, U-shaped patterning on the front of their heads, where their face would be. This pattern contains their eyes and other facial sensory organs. The females have markedly different coloring than the males, and carry their young for five months before giving birth, after which the young are carried externally in a pouch, like a kangaroo. Oescans can live productively for up to a century, unaided by technology, and tend to have very even, easy-going temperaments, even if they are slightly less intelligent than the average sentient race.


Much of the history of Praviskar was destroyed in the taking of Dhewa by the Trajan fleet/Merc family. There is currently no governmental structure that is not this occupying force.


Oescans are devoted to the idea of family and usefulness to society, and have a communalistic social structure. The old, weak, and sick are encouraged to take their own lives lest they be a drag upon group resources. This ritualistic suicide called the 'Yielding' is consists of a month of gathering fuel and building a ritual pyre before setting one's self on fire. Those who are too sick often weave mats instead and then soak themselves in fuel before self-immolation. More independent minded Oescans are shunned. An agrarian culture, they have subsisted on what scant resources could be eked out of Praviskar's unfruitful soil for centuries. Many of them enjoy a tai-chi-like sport called Moenisi.