Krona Elders

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While the unstructured culture of the Krona isn’t very focused on government and laws, they do have a democratic tradition of electing their rulers (who they call the Elders), of which there are always three.

Candidates who can command the "Loudest Voice" (the largest amount of Krona) will join this trio, and elections are held every twenty-five years.

It is possible for Elders to be elected again and again, as in the case of Nial-Anbu, the Endless (one of the oldest Krona living, currently serving his 6th term in office). These Elders make their home in the capital city of Agog, which is populated almost entirely by government employees. The Elders exist in the mind of the public as both bureaucrats and folk heroes and tend to draw large crowds wherever they go, almost like rock stars. If there is a decision on a planetary, system-wide, or galactic level to be made, they will make it, and their decisions will be accepted. Day to day, they tend to let the people do their own thing and only step in if it looks like civilization is about to fall apart.

The current Elders are:

- Ad-Nineel, the Blackhand
- Scryl La-Shirat, of the Thousand Knives
- Nial-Anbu, the Endless